Messi opens the game about relationship with Mbappé and says why PSG trio will never be like ‘MSN’ from Barcelona

Argentine striker opened the game about relationship with Mbappé and compared the trios ‘MNM’ and ‘MSN’

Hottest hiring in the Paris Saint-Germain for the season, Lionel Messi arrived with the mission of lead the club to the unprecedented achievement of Champions League. And, to help with the mission, the Argentine has a special companion: Kylian Mbappé.

In an interview with the newspaper L’Equipe, the shirt 30 talked about the relationship he has with the French ace on and off the pitch.

“Very good. Honestly, with a player like him, it’s easy to get along. Plus, Kylian speaks perfect Spanish, so we also have a good relationship off the pitch. That makes things simpler. I’ve arrived, it’s still a little early to draw conclusions. But I’m sure it will work well.”

At the Barcelona, Messi already had the opportunity to act alongside Neymar. Together, they formed the trio with Luis Suárez. Now, the other end of the trident is occupied by Mbappé instead of the Uruguayan. And the Argentine compared the two attackers.

“Getting old first! We were young when we started playing together with Ney. Today, the young man is Kylian. So, Luis (Suárez) and Kylian are very different players. Luis is a pure 9 shirt, a particularly efficient striker in the area and used to scoring a lot. Kylian likes playing the ball better. He is a very powerful and extremely fast player, who kills you if you give him space and who also scores a lot. They are two spectacular players, but with very different qualities.“.

PSG’s next appointment is on Friday, October 15th, in front of the Angers, at 4 pm (Brasilia), with Live broadcast for the ESPN on Star+.