murder scenes were recorded in 2 days

Since their release, last September 30, the films “The Boy Who Killed My Parents” and “The Girl Who Killed Os Pais” have been the most talked about true crime productions among Brazilian fans: they portray the version of Suzane Von Richthofen and that of Daniel Cravinhos about how the death of the girl parents, who were beaten to death by Daniel and his brother, Cristian Cravinhos, was engineered.

The film shows since the couple Suzane and Daniel know each other, until the consummation of the crime. The excerpt is shown at the end of productions and many viewers wondered how such a tense scene was made. “In addition to all the technical issues, we had a very specific preparation with the actors”, revealed the producer responsible for the films, Marcelo Braga, from Santa Rita Filmes, in a conversation with splash.

An important day, delicate and careful in every detail for production. In addition to all the technical issues, we had very specific preparation with the actors

According to Braga, the psychological aspect present at the time was one of the greatest concerns of the team, in order to maintain the verisimilitude with what was described in the case file – record on which the script was based.

We gave the necessary time for the scenes, when they were recorded from the different versions, to come out in the best possible way, following as much as possible what was described in the real testimonies, as well as seeking the best cinematographic side of the films.

For the scene, two cameras and several takes were used to reach what was desired by the production. Also, different special effects were used and, unlike what you might imagine, no puppets were used for the sequence.

There were many moments in the filming where silence guided all the professionals involved there. As a mantra of respect and deep breathing in every scene to be recorded.

Leonardo Bittencourt, actor who played Daniel Cravinhos in the films, in an interview with splash, said that he got back pains when he finished recording the moments that, according to him, were “very intense”. “It was a lot of dedication, both mental and physical, in which each one had their own process,” he said. At the end of the recordings, those present held hands and held a moment of silence for the victims.

Photo from the movies "The Girl Who Killed Her Parents" and "The Boy Who Killed My Parents" - Disclosure - Disclosure

Scene of families reunited in the movies “The Girl Who Killed the Parents” and “The Boy Who Killed My Parents”

Image: Disclosure

From cinema to streaming

“The Boy Who Killed My Parents” and “The Girl Who Killed The Parents” were slated to be released in April 2020, but because of the covid-19 pandemic, movie theater screenings were cancelled. Thus, the works premiered directly on Amazon Prime Video streaming.

When asked what he felt when he learned about the postponement of the films, Marcelo Braga said he was frustrated.

I still remember the day when we decided with the distributor that it would not be possible to launch practically at the beginning of the pandemic that was arriving in Brazil. It was frustrating. We knew of the positive impact that the films would have on the market, dozens were made [de projeções] and all showed a positive projection of audiences for the cinemas.

The bad feeling gone, the producer now understands the positive side of launching on Amazon Prime Video. “Streaming is the hot spot for audiovisual content. And, in a way, this worldwide release, considering 240 territories, is very significant. about the same case through two versions.”

Furthermore, Braga is very happy with the repercussions of the films. According to him, the general public understood that “it is about cinema, a fiction of a real, cruel crime, about a tragedy, that everyone knows its sad ending”.

Carla Diaz is Suzane Von Richthofen in The Girl Who Killed Her Parents - Stella Carvalho/Press Photo - Stella Carvalho/Press Release

Carla Diaz is Suzane Von Richthofen in The Girl Who Killed Her Parents

Image: Stella Carvalho/Disclosure

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