Nathalia Dill on leaving Globo: ‘Very happy with the direction of my career’

Credit: Reproduction/Instagram

Nathalia Dill (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

This Saturday (09) afternoon, Nathalia Dill, 35, spoke on the social network about the end of his contract with TV Globo after 14 years. In a post on Instagram, the actress thanked the time she was at the network and the affection she received from fans for her work.

“For a few months I wanted to share with you, these more than four million people who follow me and form this entire community and network of affection and support, a very important news. Reflecting a lot on the direction of my career, which started in theater and expanded to television and cinema, I concluded that now is the ideal time to explore new paths, experiences and projects. The long contract format that I had with TV Globo will end at the end of 2021. From then on, we will start a partnership under another dynamic, for a certain work”, began Dill.

“I have enormous affection for this station that has always welcomed me, taught me, valued my art and with whom I have always had a transparent and respectful exchange. It took nearly 15 years of intense work and I feel honored to have helped to tell so many stories and bring so many incredible characters to life”.

“The partnerships built along this trajectory within this house will continue to be alive and pulsating. I was lucky to play opposite living legends, to learn from all the teams and directors I’ve worked with. I take this opportunity to thank here the fans of my work who have always been by my side on this journey, supporting and honoring my career and my projects. And so, I continue towards new projects, very lively and full of energy for the new, for the future, for new horizons and discoveries”, concluded the artist.

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