Neymar’s return won’t be the only news against Colombia, warns Tite – 10/09/2021

Tite leads this afternoon (9th) the only training session for the Brazilian team before facing Colombia in a late game in the fifth round of the Qatar World Cup qualifiers. In a press conference at the hotel where the team is staying in the city of Barranquilla, the coach said that he intends to make more than one change in the lineup, but only confirmed the entry of Neymar.

The shirt 10 of Brazil served a suspension for accumulation of yellow cards last Thursday, in the victory by 3-1 over Venezuela in the 11th round, and has his return confirmed against Colombia. In another answer, Tite also nailed the lineup of Fabinho as a starter in midfield. They were the only clues in the squad that goes on the field tomorrow (10), at 6 pm, at the Estádio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez.

“There are only 66 hours of recovery time. The Brazilian team doesn’t allow anyone to be spared, but it does allow athletes with full playing conditions. Neymar is back, yes. But I won’t anticipate the squad, there are other changes that will happen. The team has already felt a lot in the beginning of the last game, because the athletes are looking for their best condition, so we are also rewarding the fully recovered athletes,” said the captain.

Against Venezuela, Tite selected the following team: Alisson: Danilo, Marquinhos, Thiago Silva and Guilherme Arana; Fabinho, Gérson, Everton Ribeiro and Lucas Paquetá; Gabriel Jesus and Gabigol. In addition to Neymar suspended, another important embezzlement was Casemiro, cut by a medical problem. The team started badly and only reacted with the entry of Raphinha in place of Everton Ribeiro at half-time. The Leeds player has provided two assists for goals and is another strong candidate for starting.

During the second half, Antony (Gabriel Jesus), Vini Jr (Lucas Paquetá), Alex Sandro (Arana) and Emerson (Danilo) were also used. The good performance leaves doubts in Tite’s mind for the game against Colombia that takes place in the middle of the team building phase.

These are phases of structuring the composition of the team. In Qualifiers you need performance and results to get ranked. From this, it gives opportunities to younger athletes, who are emerging and consolidating. In this opportunity, the technician brings an escalation that ends up not confirming the performance. The last game, for example. Then athletes who are out come in, the team consolidates and you alternate the pieces keeping solidity in order to score goals. In a subsequent phase we will have a basic structure, soon with the smaller pandemic, to have the group formed and then prepare specifically for the Cup.”

Tite made direct compliments to Guilherme Arana, Raphinha and Antony during the press conference, as young people who seized their opportunities.

Brazil has 100% success in nine rounds of the Qualifiers and has a mathematical chance of guaranteeing classification for the World Cup in this window of games, which also has Uruguay ahead on the 14th.