Now 100% owner of Digio, Bradesco says it will maintain digital bank autonomy – Economy

Once you have the approval of the authorities to fully assume the bank’s capital type, O Bradesco will expand the menu, offer digital bank customers real estate credit, among other products. But the Digio’s structure will remain intact.

“The plan right now is not even to join with Next, not even with the bank, is keeping Digio independent,” said the vice-president director of Bradesco, Marcelo de Araújo Noronha. Joining these structures, according to him, would cut the momentum of the business, which would have a high cost at this time of super fierce competition, amid the implementation of open banking.

“There is the challenge of integrating the team, the systems… this literally puts a brake on the organization, a year is wasted in a process like this and it makes no sense to waste time,” stated Noronha. “On the contrary, let’s step on the accelerator with Digio, which has a good positioning with the brand. We’ll keep it as a separate unit. We’ve always believed in this project.”

The “father” of this project, Carlos Giovane Neves, will be kept in charge of the operation, as well as all Digio employees. The digital bank has around 2 million credit cards in circulation, its flagship. About half of these customers, according to Noronha, also have a digital account. Among them, Uber drivers, thanks to an agreement signed earlier this year with the app to offer a digital account where payment for races is made directly.

Without the partner, Bradesco intends to make Digio expand its customer base quickly, as early as 2022. The goal, according to Noronha, will still be outlined in the strategic plan that is being designed. In addition to cards, the digital bank also has a credit portfolio of R$2.5 billion. In the first half, it recorded net income of R$ 36.7 million.

Bradesco announced, on Friday night, 8, that it closed a contract for the purchase of the 49.99% of the institution that belonged to the Bank of Brazil (BB), for R$ 625 million. BB informed that the estimated impact on BB’s result is approximately R$175 million, via equity accounting, and there is no material effect on capital.