Palmeiras takes four of Red Bull Bragantino and disappoints fans at Allianz Parque

Finally, back at Allianz Parque, Palmeiras fans were disappointed this Saturday night. In the Portuguese Abel Ferreira’s first contact with the public in the arena, the lacking team alviverde lost 4-2 to Red Bull Bragantino, in the Brazilian Championship.

With 39 points, Palmeiras appears in third place, increasingly far from Atlético-MG (53) and Flamengo (42), who won their respective commitments. After ending a series of six games without winning the tournament, Red Bull Bragantino has 38 points and is in fifth place.

For the 26th round of the Brazilian Championship, Red Bull Bragantino returns to the field to face Atlético-GO at 7:00 pm (GMT) this Tuesday, at Nabi Abi Chedid Stadium. At 9:30 pm on the same day, Palmeiras picks up the threatened Bahia, in Fonte Nova.

The game – In a rehearsed free kick, Dudu hit the post, but it was Red Bull Bragantino who opened the scoring. At 12 minutes into the first half, from behind the midfield, Aderlan threw Ytalo on the back of the Palmeira defense and saw his teammate shoot goalkeeper Jailson.

On minute 33, Praxedes disarmed Danilo Barbosa and played for Cuello, who hit him from outside the area. The ball deflected on Danilo Barbosa and Jailson failed to defend. Two minutes later, Cuello cut Kuscevic’s makeshift pass and called Ytalo to serve Artur. The striker cleared and defined with category to mark the third.

Palmeiras, disorganized in defense, finally reacted in the 42nd minute of the first half. After failing in the opponent’s last goal, Kuscevic received it from Wesley in an overtaking play on the right and crossed to Dudu’s accurate header. In extra time, Dudu crossed from the left, Cleiton deflected it and the ball touched the crossbar.

Supported by their fans, Palmeiras kept the reaction in the complementary stage and decreased in the 16th minute of the second half. In a move from the right, Cleiton defended Dudu’s submission and, on the rebound, Jorge suffered a penalty from Aderlan. In charge, Raphael Veiga converted.

With the slightest difference on the scoreboard, Red Bull Bragantino managed to rebalance their actions at Allianz Parque and scored the fourth 30 minutes into the second half. Ytalo received it from Helinho and arranged for the inspired Artur to land a beautiful shot from the entrance to the area.

In an attempt by Palmeiras to respond, Dudu took a corner kick from the left, Renan headed it and the ball hit the crossbar. Already hampered by 10 embezzlements, coach Abel Ferreira made his five changes, which was not enough to change the score.


Local: Allianz Parque, in São Paulo (SP)
Date: October 9, 2021, Saturday
Schedule: 9 pm (from Brasilia)
Referee: Rafael Traci (SC)
Assistants: Bruno Boschilia (PR) and Johnny Barros de Oliveira (SC)
VAR: Rodrigo Dalonso Ferreira (SC)
Public: 8,864 fans
Yellow cards: Gabriel Veron and Abel Ferreira (PAL); Aderlan (RBB)
PALM TREES: Dudu (42min of the 1st Half) and Raphael Veiga (16min of the 2nd Half)
RED BULL BRAGANTINO: Ytalo (12min of the 1st Half), Cuello (33min of the 1st Half), Artur (35min of the 1st Half and 30min of the 2nd Half)

PALM TREES: Jailson; Kuscevic (Breno Lopes), Luan, Renan and Jorge (Gustavo Scarpa); Patrick de Paula, Danilo Barbosa (Luiz Adriano), Raphael Veiga and Dudu; Wesley (Gabriel Veron) and Ron (Deyverson)
Technician: Abel Ferreira

RED BULL BRAGANTINO: Cleiton; Aderlan (Léo Ortiz), Fabrício Bruno, Natan and Luan Cândido; Jadsom, Eric Ramires and Praxedes (Helinho); Artur, Cuello (Léo Realpe) and Ytalo (Gonzalo)
Technician: Mauricio Barbieri

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