Passenger puts clothes on pillows to dribble airlines and not pay for luggage

Airlines around the world have strict baggage policies, some being more permissive than others, but invariably charging an additional fee for extra bags. A TikTok user posted a video showing a “trick” to get around this rule.

With 17 million views and over 105,000 shares as of this writing, the young woman’s post, named Anya Iakovlieva, quickly went viral. It is worth noting that this ruse is nothing new and violates the air transport contract, and may result in a lawsuit.

In the recording, Iakovlieva uses malicious background audio, which says things like “how will they know” and “they don’t need to know”. Meanwhile, the images show her arranging her clothes inside her forehead, leaving her in the shape of a nearly perfect pillow. She is then seen walking in the airport lounge and finally inside the plane, filmed by an accomplice.

As the scenes unfold, text is kept at the top of the video, saying “the best travel trick, pillows fly for free”. Interestingly, she is never seen with a carry-on or purse.

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Techniques to circumvent airline policies become news from time to time, almost always because someone has filmed it and posted it on the internet, more in search of exposure than actually helping other travelers.

In August, we share here a similar story in which a passenger disguised his relatively large carry-on bag as a department store bag, thereby tricking the airport agent into boarding the flight.