Patients died after using the covid kit, says MP

In testimony to the Public Ministry of São Paulo, six relatives of six Prevent Senior patients reported that their relatives, hospitalized or being treated at home against covid-19, received and ingested medication from the “covid kit” and then died .

So far, according to prosecutor Everton Luiz Zanella, six family members have been heard by the MP, but witnesses are still lacking. According to Zanella, they are relatives of nine patients who are in a dossier submitted to Covid’s CPI.

The nine died while participating in a supposed study of the hospital network to test the effectiveness of the drugs. As reported by GloboNews, which revealed the cases, of the nine patients who died, six would have taken hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin; two would not have taken the medications; and there is no information on whether the last patient took the medication or not.

“What we’ve heard were family members who said that there was use of these drugs of proven ineffectiveness and that people died in the hospital network or at home, taking the indicated drugs,” said Everton Zanella.

“But we have to expertly verify whether this use of medication effectively leads to death,” he added.

Prosecutors said that one of the objectives of the MP’s task force, created precisely for the purpose of investigating Prevent Senior, is to find out whether people who died after taking these drugs actually died due to the side effects of the drugs, who have serious adverse reactions .

“An important piece of data is to check if the person was cardiac. If she still received the drug, it means that someone there took the risk [de morte], that the drug is not indicated,” said prosecutor Nelson dos Santos Pereira Junior.

Family members also reported that doctors treating the patients said that the drugs in the “covid kit” could save their lives.

According to prosecutors, the main difficulty is to gather evidence of the use of medicines by patients. For this, evidence provided by witnesses and family members, such as exams, medical reports, prescriptions and medical records, will be considered.

After the formation of the task force, says the MP, at least 12 people sent complaints of similar cases involving the use of drugs proven to be ineffective against covid offered in Prevent Senior hospitals.

Prevent Senior became a target of the CPI after former network doctors denounced the unauthorized use of ineffective treatments against Covid-19 in patients, the concealment of deaths in research on hydroxychloroquine and the adulteration of death certificates in network hospitals.

Prevent Senior denies the allegations and speaks of harassment by former employees of the company. According to the MP, the company has already sent a first batch of documents in its defense, which will be analyzed by prosecutors.