Poonarista deputy complains about “mimimi” for tampons: “We used cloth”

See the Pocketnarista Deputy Alê Silva
The pocket member deputy Alê Silva. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Showing herself insensitive to poor women and miserable homeless people, the deputy pocketnarista Alê Silva decided to flatter her president by despising the free distribution of tampons.


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What did the pocket narist Ale Silva say about tampons?

She wrote on Twitter:

“I come from the time when we used cloths, which every month were washed and passed to be used again. There was no mi, mi, mi, even the government has to give it to me”.

A pocket narist decided to endorse it:

“That! And when I went to school I would put plastic under the cloth and other panties over everything as safety. Panties that my mother used to make from the seams she used to make out!”

And she completed:

“Exactly. And can I tell you something? We were very happy”.

People insensitive to public health issues.