prosecutor says he is “100% sure” that pedophile killed her

German prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters says he is “100% certain” that 44-year-old rapist and pedophile Christan Brueckner murdered British Madeleine McCann. The girl has been missing since May 3, 2007 in Portugal. The statement was given by Wolters to the British newspaper Daily Mirror.

The pedophile, imprisoned for other crimes, has yet to be formally charged with the child’s murder, but the prosecutor says there is already enough evidence to charge him and says he hopes to close the case next year.


As the rapist is already in prison for other crimes, the prosecutor and his team are using as much time as possible to gather all the evidence to be brought to justice.

“That’s why we said that we will investigate as long as there are clues or information to be investigated. I didn’t say what we have is insufficient now. But he’s in prison, so we don’t have that pressure on us. We have the time on our hands,” the German prosecutor told the Mirror.

no DNA

Despite this, prosecutors admit they have no evidence that Madeleine is dead. The prosecutor said he still does not know how the British girl died and that he has no genetic material (DNA) or images that connect Christan Brueckner to the girl’s murder.

Madeleine McCann disappeared from her family on a holiday at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal, just days away from celebrating her 4th birthday.

However, among the evidence cited by the prosecutor is a confession the pedophile made to a colleague and a phone trace that shows he was at the Ocean Club resort when the girl disappeared.