Renata Vasconcellos reveals if she can go to the bathroom during Jornal Nacional

Can Jornal Nacional presenters use the restroom? This is a question for many people and the presenter Renata Vasconcellos, who accompanies William Bonner on the bench, revealed her secret for doing necessities during the newspaper’s broadcast.

In a video published on the Instagram of TV Globo’s main news program, the presenter reveals that whoever is at the counter is safe and going to the bathroom only happens in case of extreme emergency.


Other basic needs, like drinking water, are released. “Going to the bathroom only if it’s a big emergency, but drinking water all the time,” Renata revealed.

Renata also told what the presenters say during the opening of the program while the audience listens to the traditional little song. “At the opening we are super focused. At most ‘I start’, ‘you start’, ’10 seconds’, ‘good newspaper’.”