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Santos seeks to avoid repeating the worst series of games without a win for the team in the history of points run. There are already nine matches in Brasileirão without winning the three points. The last time was on August 1st, against Chapecoense, for the 14th round of the competition. With 25 points, Peixe entered the relegation zone after Sport beat Corinthians.

With one more chance to get out of the relegation zone, Grêmio seeks recovery in the direct confrontation against Santos. Tricolor hasn’t won for three matches, with two defeats (4-2 for Athletico-PR and 2-1 for Sport) and a draw (2-2 with Cuiabá). Overcoming the Fish eases the crisis and keeps Carille’s team in the Z-4.

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Streaming: Premiere broadcasts throughout Brazil, with narration by Everaldo Marques and comments by Caio Ribeiro and Sérgio Xavier.

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Renata Mendonça analyzes Santos x Grêmio, for the 25th round of the Brazilian Championship

Renata Mendonça analyzes Santos x Grêmio, for the 25th round of the Brazilian Championship

Santos – technician: Fábio Carille

Fábio Carille is still looking for his first victory in charge of Santos. In five matches, adding the Campeonato Brasileiro and Copa do Brasil, there are three draws and two defeats. For this match, the coach will have a reinforcement in the stands, with the return of the fans, who acquired all 4,644 tickets available. On the field, the tendency is for the coach to keep the team that drew with São Paulo, on Thursday, with the entry of Lucas Braga in place of Felipe Jonatan.

Hanging: João Paulo, Luiz Felipe, Kaiky, Felipe Jonatan, Camacho, Vinícius Zanocelo, Jean Mota, Carlos Sánchez and Marcos Guilherme.

Who is out: John, Kaiky, Luiz Felipe, Robson Reis, Sandry and Kevin Malthus (injured).

Probable team: João Paulo; Vinícius Balieiro, Emiliano Velázquez and Wagner Leonardo; Marcos Guilherme, Camacho, Carlos Sánchez, Vinícius Zanocelo and Lucas Braga; Marinho and Leo Baptistão

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Grêmio – coach: Luiz Felipe Scolari

After giving Brenno another opportunity in the 2-2 draw with Cuiabá, Felipão reopened the dispute in goal. There is no doubt whether the Olympic champion will act or Gabriel Chapecó will return to the team. Kannemann is related, but the pain in the hip leaves the question whether he will have another chance or will be preserved for use by Rodrigues alongside Ruan. Campaz disputes a position with Ferreira, while Diego Souza and Churín fight for position in command of the attack.

Hanging: Thiago Santos, Ferreira, Victor Bobsin, Diego Souza, Fernando Henrique, Luiz Fernando, Darlan, Jean Pyerre, Ruan, Rafinha, Mateus Sarará, Douglas Costa and Borja.

Who is out: Geromel (foot fracture), Léo Pereira (left ankle trauma), Borja (left ankle injury) and Villasanti (Paraguay national team).

Probable team: Brenno (Gabriel Chapecó); Vanderson, Ruan, Kannemann (Rodrigues) and Rafinha; Thiago Santos and Lucas Silva; Douglas Costa, Campaz (Ferreira) and Alisson; Diego Souza (Churín).

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  • Referee: Bruno Arleu de Araujo (RJ)
  • Assistant 1: Rodrigo Figueiredo Henrique Correa (RJ)
  • Assistant 2: Thiago Rosa de Oliveira (RJ)
  • Fourth referee: Thiago Lourenço de Mattos (SP)
  • Field Analyst: Flavio Rodrigues Guerra (SP)
  • Video Arbitrator: Rodrigo Carvalhaes de Miranda (RJ)