Son of Giovanna Antonelli and Murilo Benício discards acting career: ‘Já digo soon’ | High hours

Not always the “son of fish, goldfish is” as the saying goes. This Saturday, 9/10, Altas Horas promoted the virtual reunion of Giovanna Antonelli and Murilo Benício, our “Jade” and “Lucas”. Surprisingly, Pietro, son of the former couple, appeared in the video with his father, who introduced him as “son of the Clone”. The 16-year-old spoke about the future and has already made it clear that he does not intend to pursue his parents’ career:

“I’m very uncertain, there are many things I’m interested in. He’s not going to be an actor, I’ll tell you right away. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet,” he said.

“This profession is so difficult, so complicated, that we are even relieved”, commented Murilo.

Pietro, son of Murilo Benício and GIovanna Antonelli, declares that he does not intend to be an actor — Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Giovanna and Murilo remembered the backstage of “O Clone”, and how the partnership was at that time: “I already knew Murilo through his work before the soap opera. When I knew it would be him, I was happy because I thought he was an amazing actor, it would be great for us to work together.”

“The result was incredible not only on screen but in our personal life. We had Pietro who is this amazing boy who is a gift in our lives because of this meeting”, said the actress.

Giovanna Antonelli and Murilo Benício are the parents of Pietro, who is currently 16 years old — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

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And Pietro’s participation left a lot of people with their jaws dropped in the nets, right?

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