States and municipalities can decide to vaccinate adolescents

The ministers of the STF (Supreme Federal Court) decided that it is up to states and municipalities to choose whether to promote (or not) the vaccination of adolescents without comorbidities against covid-19. Gilmar Mendes, Alexandre de Moraes, Carmen LĂșcia, Rosa Weber and Edson Fachin followed the position of the rapporteur, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski. There were five votes, thus forming the majority. The trial should end this Friday (8).

The decision responds to a request from the PSB (Brazilian Socialist Party), which challenged the Ministry of Health’s position for recommending immunization only for young people aged 12 to 17 with comorbidities.

The portfolio’s position, defended by Minister Marcelo Queiroga, was strongly criticized by the medical community and by the States. Six days later, Bolsonaro’s government backed down and recommended covid-19 vaccination again for adolescents without comorbidities.

The benefits outweigh any risks. Executive Secretary of the Ministry, Rodrigo Cruz, in justifying the Health’s retreat

At the time, even so, the ministry asked that adolescents with comorbidities and young people serving custodial sentences be prioritized.

In his decision, on September 21, Lewandowski cited a series of positions from entities and agencies that recommend maintaining vaccination for all young people over 12 years of age and that the ministry’s decision “is not supported by academic evidence or analysis. strategies” carried out internationally.

According to the minister, the adaptation of the National Plan for Operationalization of Covid-19 vaccination to local realities can be done as long as its decisions are publicized and accompanied by scientific data and strategic assessments.

*With information from Reuters agency