Teacher takes off mask to shout near student: ‘I don’t care’; video


© Reproduction/Facebook

An elementary school teacher from Texas, USA, was caught taking off her Covid-19 protective mask to scream in front of a student’s face in the classroom.

In the filming of the episode, it is possible to see the student cornered and trying to protect her face, while the teacher screams. “I do not mind. I do not mind. Get out of my way”, asks the student. The educator replied: “You get out of here”. The young woman then tries to leave, but the woman remains blocking the way. “Do you want me to leave the room or not?” asks the girl. “No, actually sit back,” replies the teacher, while slapping her desk.

According to the Daily Mail, the school in question requires all students, teachers and other employees to wear a mask. In a statement sent to the news website, a representative of the institution stated that the teacher was suspended and could face termination of contract due to her “unacceptable conduct”. “An investigation into the incident has been conducted and completed, and the district will take appropriate administrative action,” the statement said.

In the video comments, internet users were horrified by the educator’s conduct. “She is not someone I would like to see teaching my son. No self-control and total lack of respect for students. She should rethink her profession,” wrote one user. “It’s very scary to see a teacher who can’t control herself. They need to keep this person as far away from the children as possible,” commented a second. “My God! I hope the parents of these girls will take every possible action against this woman,” said a third.