Tech Season: Up to 40% DISCOUNTS on the GAMER line at KaBuM!

Check out a selection of offers valid for this weekend only

The weekend will be full of offers on Kaboom! Until next Monday or while supplies last, the site promotes the Tech Season with discounts of up to 40% on various electronics from the gamer line.

In the list we have monitors, processors, notebooks, SSDs and more. The discount is greater for those who choose to pay in cash via Pix or credit card, but it is possible to pay for your purchases in up to 12 installments without interest.

Complete list of products on sale on KaBuM!

See some of the main items on sale:

Complete list of products on sale on KaBuM!

Compete for a Super Machine and a Tesla Model 3

And that’s not all. Another edition of the Super Machine promotion. This year, the awards are a Next Generation PC Gamer, with the best in hardware, and one more Tesla Model 3 car. Together, the prizes total over half a million reais.

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The ultra PC Gamer has a processor Intel Core i9, RTX 3090 GPU graphics card, 128GB of RAM memory, Besides customized refrigeration and RGB lighting. A complete machine, fast and high performance, with what is most innovative for gameplay and any other activity.

To compete for these two super prizes, valued at more than half a million reais, it’s easy: for every BRL 200 in purchases on KaBuM!, the customer will get a coupon. The chances of winning can be enhanced in the following ways:

  • Buying through the KaBuM App!;
  • Using PIX as a means of payment;
  • Prime Double Coupon: Prime Ninja customers are also entitled to double coupons;
  • Buying products from the brands sponsoring the action;
  • Downloading the KaBuM App! and making your registration, while those who already have registration only need to download the application;
  • Referring a friend to make their first purchase on KaBuM!.

Kaboom!  launches promotion that will give away a top-of-the-line PC Gamer and a Tesla Model 3

Kaboom! launches promotion that will give away a top-of-the-line PC Gamer and a Tesla Model 3
The sixth edition of the Super Máquina award is the largest ever held by the site; see how to participate


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