Tite charges matches against Europeans; shorter interval between Hearts may solve – 10/09/2021

Tite returned to charge games for the Brazilian team against teams from Europe in this cycle of preparation for the World Cup in Qatar. Of 38 matches played since the last World Cup in Russia, only one was against an opponent from the most powerful continent and champion of the last four editions. The coach hopes for emergency solutions, but signaled that the reduction in the interval between Cups could be a future answer to the problem.

“I see this exchange as important, [o Brasil] have to play against Spain and Italy, have new games against England. Need yes. But it doesn’t just depend on us. I have no solution for this, but I would like to. could be less years [de intervalo] of the World Cup, two, three, maybe. I don’t have that depth, but this exchange needs to be improved,” he commented.

Since the World Cup in Russia, Brazil’s only European opponents have been the Czech Republic, in March 2019: a 3-1 victory, goals by Gabriel Jesus (twice) and Roberto Firmino. The Qatar Cup starts in November 2022 and so far there is no European confirmation on the agenda.

In Europe there is a calendar made for UEFA teams to face each other constantly. League of Nations, qualifying phase for the Euro Cup, the Euro Cup itself, in addition to the World Cup qualifiers. The delay that the pandemic caused in the schedule of games for the South American teams worsened the scenario and removed the gaps for friendlies. How did the UOL, Tite is something of a leader of the local coaches and has directly charged Arsène Wenger, FIFA’s head of global football development, for a reflection on the calendar.

Despite the activism in the cause of the calendar, Tite also tries to show in his public statements that the challenges against South American teams also have weight in the preparation for the next World Cup.

We are having this search for a better solution in terms of schedules and game opportunities facing Europeans, with greater exchange. No despising, belittling or over-dimensioning a situation, but I read an interview with Mourinho [treinador português], and I play with Fábio Mahseredjian [preparador físico da seleção brasileira] that here we don’t play against Armenia. We don’t play against teams that… Well, here they all have a great level of difficulty, most Venezuelan players play abroad.”

FIFA is currently conducting a proposal that aims to reduce the interval between World Cups from four to two years. For now, CAF, the African confederation, has already signaled that it can support the idea as a bloc if it enters the agenda of a future congress — thus, 56 of the 211 possible votes would already be guaranteed. The change would take place after the 2026 World Cup, which will take place in Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Before this is discussed, the CBF focuses on the cycle for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. In addition to the dates foreseen for the Qualifiers in January and March, the team will have two FIFA dates in May and September of next year to try to face Europeans. These are the last windows before the squad for the World Cup.