Vaccine Panel: Brazil is 59th in the global ranking and 4th in total doses

Brazil occupies 59th place in the global ranking of application of vaccines against Covid-19, with a rate of about 117.64 per 100 inhabitants. The country also ranks 4th in the number of doses applied, with 250,941,443, behind China (more than 2 billion), India (935 million) and the United States (400 million).

Until 11:00 am on Saturday (9), there are about 98,824,442 Brazilians fully immunized, that is, who took both doses of the vaccine or the single dose immunizing agent.

The application of the third dose or booster dose continues to advance, totaling 2,590,818 people who have received it so far, according to information gathered by the CNN Brazil.

The figures presented may be even higher, as not all states and municipalities have released their latest updates.

Among the G20 countries, Brazil ranks 13th in the amount of doses applied to every 100 inhabitants. The first places are occupied by China, with 153.64 doses, Canada, with 149.63, and Italy, with 142.55. Other countries that are also ahead are France (141.99), United Kingdom (138.12), Japan (136.55) and South Korea (134.05).

Data were compiled by the Agency CNN with information from the State Health Departments and from the website Our World in Data, linked to the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom.

Information obtained by Giovanna Bronze, Julyanne Jucá, Ludmila Candal, Giulia Alecrim, Vital Neto, Victória Cócolo and Beatriz Araújo