Video: Faithful on the Trasladação route in the streets of Belém | Cereus | Online Diary

The transfer of the Pilgrim Image of Our Lady of Nazareth to Marituba and its return to the Sanctuary Basilica was the only procession held at Círio 2021. At least officially.

In other years, on the Saturday night before the Círio de Nossa Senhora de Nazaré, the traditional Trasladação takes place, when the pilgrim image leaves the Colégio Gentil Bittencourt and goes on to the Metropolitan Cathedral, better known as Igreja da Sé, in Belém.

In 2021, for the second consecutive year, there will be no pilgrimage, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But that did not stop many of the faithful from going to the streets and taking the usual route. In 2020, many people took to the streets to honor the patron saint of Pará. This year was no different and the number of faithful was even greater.

Emotion took over whoever was there, with the devotees following the path normally taken by the hot seat with the image of Nazaré. Be it groups of friends or strangers, the faithful walk, singing and praying to Our Lady.


More than 1,500 public security agents are engaged in Operation Círio 2021, including Civil and Military Police, Military Fire Department, Civil Defense, Traffic Department (Detran), Renato Chaves Scientific Expert Center, Air Group (Graesp) and Fluvial ( GFlu) of Public Security, Integrated Operations Center, State Secretariat of Public Health (Sespa) and Health Secretariat of the Municipality of Belém (Sesma), Federal Highway Police (PRF), Municipal Guards of Ananindeua, Belém and Marituba, and others organs.


On Sunday, the image of Our Lady of Nazaré will be carried by an aircraft belonging to the Public Security Air Group (Graesp) and will fly over Belém, Ananindeua and the district of Icoaraci, after the conclusion of the Círio Mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral. Soon after, the aircraft will travel from Círio until arriving at Praça Santuário.

From 2:00 pm on Saturday to 2:00 pm on Sunday, there will be interdiction points to ensure that the faithful do not go to Colégio Gentil Bittencourt, where the mass will take place without a public. On Sunday (10), there will also be interdiction points near Praça Frei Caetano Brandão, in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral.