Vitória loses to Confiança at home and sinks into the relegation zone

Vitória lost another direct confrontation and increased the club’s crisis, getting closer and closer to confirming the relegation to the Third Division. The tormentor of the time was Confiança, who scored 1-0 at Rubro-Negro, this Saturday, 9, at Barradão, in a game valid for the 29th round of Serie B. , and in the last six the team failed to score goals.

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The lack of aim, even, was decisive for the defeat. Even leaving behind the scoreboard after four minutes, Vitória managed to reorganize and were dominant in most of the first stage. The team created at least four clear chances to tie the game, but failed to convert the opportunities into a goal. In the second half, Rubro-Negro returned to being the one the fans got used to watching in Serie B, with little offensive production and many mistakes.

The defeat kept the team with 26 points, in 18th position. Now, there are only nine matches to the end of the national competition and the team’s next commitment is away from home, against Sampaio Corrêa, on Tuesday, 12.

deserved more

Vitória already entered the field under pressure, and found themselves in an even more difficult situation when, already at four minutes, they fell behind the scoreboard. Willians Santana stole the ball at the edge of the area and passed it to Italo, who in turn fired Jhemerson. The midfielder kicked cross with his left leg and shook the Barradão net.

In the following minutes, the red and black players showed to feel the blow and produced little on the field. A submission from outside the area with Eduardo, and another with Manoel, were the only chances created until the 20th minute.

Meanwhile, Confiança almost increased the missing advantage taken by João Paulo. He placed the ball in the right angle of Lucas Arcanjo, who went to get it. The defense was the goalkeeper’s last participation in the first half. From then on, Vitória’s team started to suffocate the opponent with several chances created.

At 25 minutes, the Lion finally managed to enter the Dragon area. Bruno Oliveira got rid of the first scorer and was stopped when he tried to pass the second. The remainder was left to Manoel, who took the risk at first and sent him far from Rafael Santos’ goal.

Minutes later, shirt 9 again had a good chance to submit from inside the area. He received a pass from Raul Prata and kicked across, taking paint off the crossbar.

Rubro-Negro remained superior in the game, but still couldn’t convert the chances created into a goal. On 34 minutes Bruno Oliveira had a submission saved by Rafael Santos, and on 36′ Manoel lost another opportunity by sending a rebound offered by the visiting goalkeeper over the goal, who in the first half made two more good saves to save Confiança.

the old Victoria

The 15-minute break was not good for Vitória. The team lost the good rhythm it had on the field and returned to the match with difficulty to create. The best chances in the restart of the game, in fact, belonged to Dragão. Jhemerson and Lohan got spaces to finish against Lucas Arcanjo’s goal.

After ten minutes of little offensive productivity, Wagner Lopes made three substitutions at once. Bruno Oliveira, Fabinho and Marcinho went out for Soares, David and Alisson Santos.

In practice, little has changed. Leão was unable to resume the good moment of the first half and found himself stuck in Confiança’s marking.

Only at 36 minutes did the team arrive in danger. Soares advanced on the left and kicked across. The ball went through Manoel and Samuel, until it met David, who closed the shot on the second post. The forward took firm, but only hit the net from the outside, in Vitória’s last good chance.