‘We have to run for those who lost their lives’

Volante made a strong statement when leaving the pitch after finishing the 1st half. Flashlight of the competition, Chape left for half-time losing 4-0 to Inter, at Beira-Rio

There are 12 points in 25 games played. flashlight of Brazilian championship. This is the current situation of the Chapecoense. And the moment lived by the western green made defensive midfielder Moisés Ribeiro vent.

On the way out for the break in the match against the International – a game in which Chape lost 4-0 in the first 45 minutes -, the athlete, who has defended the Santa Catarina team since 2016, spoke of shame and cited the tragedy suffered in 2016 that the club suffered to demand greater posture.

“Difficult, very difficult. I’m going to let off steam. I’ve been in this club for a long time. Whoever wears this shirt has to give more, give more. It’s shameful what we’re going through. We have to run for those who fought to put Chapecoense in Serie A. Those who lost their lives, my friends“, began by stating.

“I have to donate more. It’s not much for Chapecoense. I apologize to whoever is watching, but it’s a relief. It’s not a colleague, it’s the group. Everyone. There’s no specifically anyone. Everyone in the club is to blame, not me, some colleague of mine. Apologize to those who love this shield here, it’s shameful“, completed.