Whindersson Nunes surprises and posts ex’s records on special day

Whindersson Nunes
Whindersson Nunes posted Stories with photos of Maria Lina (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Although I’m no longer with Maria Lina, Whindersson Nunes showed that he still has a lot of affection for the digital influencer. In Stories, the comedian paid a tribute to his ex-fiancée in celebration of her birthday.

At Wednesday (06), the famous posted funny clicks from when the two were still together. In the image, the young woman is grimacing outside Nunes’ jet.

“23 years of Maria Lina. She’s all bewildered today hahahha Congratulations”, wrote the actor, who completed: “Happy B-Day”.

Upon seeing the post made by the ex-fiancé, the influencer shared it on his profile, but did not make any comments.

It is worth remembering that by all indications, Maria Lina and Whindersson Nunes ended in a friendly way. Recently, the young woman told: “This house I’m living in today, I’ve lived with Whindersson since January in it and it’s rented, not bought. We rented it together in January for us to live together and we lived here until the end of our relationship”.

“When we broke up, Whindersson never liked this house very much… And I told him, since he already wanted to move, that he let me stay here in this house until the contract ended, that he didn’t need to rent another place to I stayed and I didn’t need to rent another place because this house has a contract until January”, continued.

“And we agreed, in a good way, super friendly, he accepted right away. He looked for another house for him to stay and left this house with me because he already had a contract and he didn’t like living here”, he said.

At the time, the content creator denied rumors that the comedian would be helping her become an influencer: “Whindersson is an amazing person, an amazing guy, a very good person. But he hasn’t helped me in this matter of helping me to be an influencer. Quite the contrary, I’m doing everything alone, with my face and courage, I’m making an effort, giving my best. He doesn’t have his team here helping me, this is not true, this information is not valid”.

“Which doesn’t mean anything, which doesn’t mean he’s a bad person for it. On the contrary, he is an amazing person, I admire him a lot, he was a very important person in my life, he is my son’s father and will be João’s father forever.”, stressed Maria Lina.

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