Woman is accused of doing multimillion-dollar coup in “sugar daddy” and sentenced to prison: “I fell in love with her”

Louise Caplan, a call girl from Buckinghamshire, UK, was arrested this week, accused of doing a millionaire scam on her sugar daddy. According to the DailyMail, Henry Sless, a 69-year-old married businessman, had contracted her services over the internet in November 2017. He initially agreed to pay her £450 (about R$3,000), but soon they both started to to relate.

During the trial, the Court was informed of everything that would have happened during that period. Louise would have asked the old man to be her “sugar daddy”, in exchange for an annual sum of £150,000 (about R$1.1 million). The retired banker accepted the proposal, but negotiated to bring the amount down to an allowance of £10,000 (approximately R$75,000). Thereafter, you would have invested £2.5 million (R$18.7 million) in her fraudulent deals in Dubai and Dublin, as well as gifting her with treats that totaled more than £1 million (around R$ 7.8 million).

Sugar Daddy Scam Girl1
Louise Caplan was accused of fraud against the entrepreneur. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

However, she didn’t invest Sless’s money in her interior design business – as she had promised when she sucked daddy. Instead, Caplan would have used the money to buy a luxury home valued at £1m (£7.8m), and purchased artwork valued at around £300,000 (£2.25m). Even though she previously had an annual income of just £7,000 (£52,000), she also spent around £619,000 (£4.6 million) on luxury goods.

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Henry Sless dreamed of marriage

The millionaire believed that he and Louise would actually marry and raise her daughter together. In a statement, Henry expressed how much he was emotionally involved with his companion. “It seemed like we’d hit it off right away, and within days of our first meeting, Miss Caplan texted me that we would get married if I was 10 years younger, and she was 10 years older.”, he said. “We met like five times or so in the first year and we kept in touch daily. I fell in love with her instantly”, took on.

Sugar Daddy Scam Girl3
Henry Sless would have believed that he would marry his “sugar baby” and, therefore, made the poor investments. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

According to reports at the hearing, as the relationship evolved, more Louise asked Henry for money. Often these requests came in erotic messages, laden with what appeared to be affection. The two would have had at least six sexual encounters. However, Judge Francis Sheridan suggested that this would have occurred many other times.

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“I’m in no position to tell the truth about how many times he took advantage of your sexual services. It’s been at least six times, but I have a strong suspicion about it, given the extremely high numbers of this fraud”, he stated. “This had all the characteristics of a commercial agreement, and if this was a commercial thing, it certainly wasn’t done properly”, added Sheridan.

“Naivety” of the millionaire causes amazement and defense manifests itself

The judge in the case was surprised to see how Sless made a series of huge loans but didn’t even demand any paperwork or proof of the alleged investments. The magistrate also did not accept the claims that the man would be “vulnerable”. “Of course he would have the paperwork, was he an accountant? What am I missing?”, he questioned, remembering that the banker used to work with finance.

Sugar Daddy Scam Girl2
Louise Caplan was sentenced to 5 years in prison for fraud. (Photo: Reproduction)

Prosecutor Stefan Weidmann, for his part, claimed that Henry had made the loans informally, thinking he was in a long-term relationship. He even claimed an “incredible naivety” on the part of sugar daddy: “He believed the money would be spent on property development in Dublin and Dubai, although he saw only a little evidence of its existence”.

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Defense attorney John Swaine said Louise actually used the money to try to become an interior designer. However, she reportedly resorted to fraud when the bills started coming in and she was hopeless of a return on her investments. “She wanted to use this money on a business, but she was extremely lost. She hired expensive accountants who warned her that she had no hope of success. Her big mistake was not going to Mr. Sless and saying, ‘I was stupid and I let you down.’ She had no hope of paying it back”, he stated.

Conviction and imprisonment

Throughout the trial, Louise Caplan sat in tears as she listened to complaints and reports of all the money she would have spent. According to the publication, the call girl admitted one of the fraud charges and was thus sentenced to five years and three months in prison. Before leaving the Court and facing her sentence, the defendant waved to her mother through her tears, and asked her to send her love to her daughter.