Zayla will discover Samuel’s secret; see which

Zayla in In Times of the Emperor will be devastated when her wedding is canceled by Samuel (Michel Gomes) and will promise revenge against her ex and Pilar. She won’t let the couple be happy in peace and so she’ll start digging into Samuel’s past, until she’ll discover some information that the boy is hiding.

What Zayla will find out about Samuel in In Times of the Emperor

The daughter of Olu (Rogério Brito) and Cândida (Dani Ornellas) will overhear a conversation from her parents and will then learn that Samuel’s letter of enfranchisement is false. She will not be satisfied and will delve further into the engineer’s past.

The woman will then probe Guebo (Maicon Rodrigues) during a chat and discover that Samuel was looking for his sister Mariana. The girl goes deeper into the story and finds out that the character of Michel Gomes was a captive of Colonel Ambrósio.

At the same time, Zayla will be sought out by Tonico (Alexandre Nero) in In Times of the Emperor and will grow ever closer to the villain, so she will also start a friendship with Dolores (Daphne Bozaski). The girl will try to dig up whatever information the deputy’s wife has about Ambrose’s death, until she finds out that Samuel is wanted for the colonel’s death.

This information will be a danger in the hands of Zayla, who has vowed to prevent Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski) and Samuel from being together and happy in In Times of the Emperor. The entire investigation of Heslaine Vieira’s character takes place after the engineer reveals that he still loves Pilar – after the girl was shot – and that he will stay with the doctor for good, which arouses Zayla’s hatred.

Zayla in the times of the emperor
Character will do everything to prevent romance between Samuel and Pilar – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

villain will have another romance

After being abandoned by Samuel, Zayla will start a relationship with Guebo, who has already declared to the girl by saying that he loves her since childhood – The pair even kissed, information that the boy will release in a conversation with Samuel, before the end to be with Pilar, to make the boy jealous – and Candida will suspect that her daughter will be using Guebo.

In conversations with her new boyfriend in the soap opera In Times of the Emperor, Zayla will ask questions about Samuel to find out about possible compromising information about the ex-slave, and when he gets what he wants, he’ll end up with Guebo.

After being abandoned by his beloved, Guebo goes to alert Samuel to Zayla’s intentions in In Times of the Emperor.

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