After a reprimand from the judge, Sikêra Jr. gets an injunction to stop the negative campaign.

Sikêra Jr. got a court injunction to stop the campaign promoted by Sleeping Giants Brasil. According to information released this Sunday (10), the Court classified the attitude of the digital group as a “campaign to embarrass advertisers” of the National Alert. The presenter’s request was denied in the first instance when he was scolded by Judge Sheilla Jordana de Sales.

“I determine the appeals [Sleeping Giants] abstaining from continuing the campaign to embarrass the appellant’s advertisers within 24 hours of notification, due to the abuse of the right,” wrote judge Airton Luiz Corrêa Gentil, of the Amazonas Court of Justice.

The controversy started in June, when the presenter of RedeTV! said gays were a “disgraceful race” during the National Alert. Then the project began a campaign to get advertisers to leave the police show.

More than 150 brands have withdrawn ads from TV and digital platforms from the show. After the financial losses, Sikêra sued the page, asked for the punishment of those responsible and the payment of compensation for moral and material damages. The case was analyzed by the 1st Civil Court of Amazonas, which denied the presenter’s request.

“The applicant claims [Sikêra] that the manifestations of the defendants [Sleeping Giants] culminated in the dispersal of several advertisers for its television program. It so happens that the Judiciary is prohibited from censoring the debate of ideas, neither,” said judge Sheilla Jordana de Sales in the lower court decision.

However, the journalist managed to reverse this decision in the second instance. “On the other hand, the financial losses caused by the persecution of the aggravating advertisers [Sikêra] are duly proven, as well as the aggravated [Sleeping Giants] they boast of this illicit behavior”, pointed out the judge in his decision.

In a note sent to the press, Sikêra stated that his legal team calculates the damages caused by the campaign and that, soon, they will be presented in the judicial sphere. The presenter also said that he was a victim of the crimes of defamation and digital stalking (stalking), all reported to the police.

O TV news contacted Sleeping Giants Brasil, but did not receive any feedback until the publication of this text.