After posting click on a friend, Zilu Camargo receives attacks on the web: ‘Presepada’, says follower

Always active on social networks, Zilu Camargo shared, this Sunday, an image in which she takes a “bitca” in the mouth of a friend. In the style as “Hebe Camargo did”, in her own words. Wanessa’s mother added that this is the way they greet each other. Despite endearing messages, Zilu received attacks on the web after the record was posted.

“There is, yes, respect and affection that does not need to kiss on the mouth and post! This is called appealing”, shot one of the followers of Zezé di Camargo’s ex-wife. “Disappointing,” commented another. “End of the world”, is yet another comment. “Presepada”, also classified one of the people who follow Zilu through the networks.

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In the caption of the image, Zilu talked about her friend’s closeness: “When we are friends and sisters as a gift from God! This is our way of length! Friends forever.” Fans also supported her.

“Who of you has to do with her life? More empathy. You are not God to judge, remember that”, defended an admirer, “defended the netizen after facing criticism of Zilu.

Zilu put click kissing friend
Zilu puts clicking kissing her friend Photo: Reproduction – Instagram
Zilu Photo: Reproduction – INstagram
Zilu Camargo shakes the web with a bikini photo and wins praise
Zilu Camargo shakes the web with a bikini photo and wins praise Photo: Reproduction/Instagram