After winning the League of Nations, Benzema promises a strong France in the Cup: “And we’re going to win it!” | league of nations

France come strong for the 2022 World Cup. This was the message given by striker Karim Benzema after the conquest of the League of Nations, this Sunday in Milan. According to the Real Madrid player, the French team showed in the comeback victory over Spain, by 2-1, the strength of the great champions.

“It was a dream night for me personally and also for the team. I really wanted to win a trophy with France. It wasn’t easy, we showed the strength of character of this team. We never give up. It’s the sign of great teams not to panic and be patient. We’re going to make the most of it and prepare for the Cup… and we’re going to win it! Benzema declared to the “M6” channel.

The striker scored the equalizer for France, 20 minutes into the second half. By the way, a great goal for the right leg. Spain had taken the lead just two minutes earlier. Benzema was chosen by Uefa as the best on the field in the final.

“Usually from this position, I try to cut and kick low. When you score a goal like that, there’s always the element of luck. I knew the moment the ball left my foot that it would go in, but not that it would go in the angle,” he commented.

The Real Madrid forward was six years away from the national team because of a police scandal (accused of involvement in a blackmail against Valbuena). He returned to the group for the 2020 Euro Cup dispute. This is the 26th title in the Frenchman’s professional career.

Benzema celebrates winning the League of Nations title — Photo: Getty Images