Angelica remembers an unusual gift after ‘giving a pipe’ to Luciano Huck

Anyone who sees Angelica, 47, and Luciano Huck, 50, exchanging romantic messages – as it happened recently in “Domingão com Huck – doesn’t even imagine that the couple’s romance only happened after much insistence by the presenter.

In an interview with the podcast “Donos da Razão”, by Foquinha and André Brandt, Angélica, who has been married to Luciano Huck for 18 years, said that her husband abused his creativity to win her over.

“There was a time when I was dating, and Luciano didn’t, we had just joined Globo, and he was on this wave of winning me over (laughs)”, said the blonde, who had work to get rid of the gifts she had earned from Huck to avoid conflict with her boyfriend at the time.

He sent flowers to my house and had to throw them away because he had a boyfriend. Then he sent a fish to the aquarium because we had gone to Noronha.

Angelica also reported that she gave Huck cake after making a date and ended up being surprised with an unusual gift from the then suitor: a PVC pipe as a mockery for having taken a pipe from her.

There was one time I gave him a pipe and he sent me a PVC pipe with a ribbon bow, because I didn’t go to a deal that I agreed to.

Even after receiving a negative sign of romance, Luciano Huck persisted in his attacks and, according to the presenter, almost lost everything after leaving her desperate for having destroyed an item from a recording look of the extinct program “Bambuluá”, from Globo Network.

I had told him it wasn’t going to happen and that we couldn’t date. Anyway, he was insistent and came to visit me in the dressing room and I had continuity recording glasses. He arrived, I took off my glasses and put them like this, between my chest, on my blouse. He came, hugged me and squeezed, I just felt the glasses shattering, destroying, on my body. I looked at his face and said: ‘Are you crazy? he finished!’. I almost died, I said ‘people, this guy doesn’t fit well! how do you do a thing like that?’

After comings and goings, Angélica and Luciano Huck got married in 2004 and became the parents of Joaquim Huck, 16, Benício Huck, 13, and Eva Huck, 8.