ANS received 38 complaints against 23 health operators

Between January 2020 and September 2021, the ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency) received 38 complaints from beneficiaries, from 23 different operators, related to the ‘covid kit’, remedies proven to be ineffective against covid-19.

According to data from the agency, released by the newspaper O Globo and confirmed by the UOL, Hapvida had seven complaints related to the subject, Prevent Senior had six complaints, Amil had four complaints and Jardim América had two complaints. The other 19 operators had a complaint each.

ANS says that, currently, the following cases are under investigation processes: Prevent Senior, Hapvida, São Francisco Sistemas de Saúde and Unimed Fortaleza. The latter, however, had no record of complaints about the “covid kit”.

To reach this number, the ANS reported that the following keywords were used as search parameters: “kit covid”; “early treatment”; “chloroquine”; “hydroxychloroquine”, “ivermectin”, among other variables.

“Of these 38, not all were complaints about the use of medicines from the ‘covid kit’, but, somehow, the issue was mentioned at the time of registration of the demand”, says the agency.

In the entire period between January of last year and September 2021, the ANS identified 284,179 complaints records and 408,930 requests for information.

The data reported by the agency refer to consumer complaints registered in ANS’ service channels.


On Wednesday (6), the CEO of ANS, Paulo Roberto Vanderlei Rebello Filho, testified at Covid’s CPI. At the time, he said that the agency was not aware of irregularities committed by Prevent Senior in the middle of this year.

However, the senator and vice president of the commission, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), presented dossier messages with denunciations against Prevent Senior forwarded to ANS in April of this year, according to the senator.

Paulo Rebello stated that he only learned of the complaints against the health care provider through the CPI.


ANS is a regulatory agency linked to the Ministry of Health, created by Law No. 9,656 of June 3, 1998. It is responsible for overseeing the performance of companies operating health plans and ensuring that they comply with all the regulations in force.

The ANS must also create the rules that dictate the relationship of operators with service providers and consumers, detailing aspects of the Health Plans Law.