Biden’s War on Life in 6 Points

US President Joe Biden in White House Cabinet, October 6

US President Joe Biden in White House Cabinet, October 6| Photo: EFE/EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

As soon as he arrived at the White House in January of this year, US President Joe Biden has already demonstrated his willingness to support the demands of pro-abortion groups in the United States.

Although Biden has claimed to be “personally pro-life” and a “devoted Catholic,” he has argued that opposing abortion as a politician would be like imposing his religion on others. And the Democrat did make several pro-abortion decisions under his presidency.

Still, Biden has apparently managed to frustrate abortion advocates as well, who complain about the slow pace of policy change. A pro-abortion website that tracks how many times he has mentioned the word “abortion” claims that Biden used the term only once in more than 220 days as president – in a press release, published after the state’s pro-life law of Texas went into effect.

Check out how Biden has implemented anti-life policies in the United States:

International funding for abortion

Shortly after assuming the presidency, Biden fulfilled a campaign promise and signed an executive order to repeal the so-called Mexico City policy, a policy that barred US funding from being released to international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that promote or perform abortions. .

With the change, assistance resources from the American government can again be used to finance abortions around the world.

Mexico City policy was instituted by President Ronald Reagan and, since his administration, the norm has been canceled or resumed, depending on the political party of the White House leader (Democratic governments overthrew it, while Republican governments took it back).

Abortion Enthusiast Appointment

Biden’s choice for the Department of Health and Human Services was former California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. The nomination was seen as a nod to his progressive electoral base, which demanded that Biden undo Trump’s abortion-related policies.

Becerra has no notable experience or expertise in health and is best known for his progressive stances on social issues and abortion advocacy.

More features

In his first four months at the White House, Biden devoted nearly 20 times more public funds to the abortion industry than former Democratic President Barack Obama, given the same length of time as the presidencies, according to an analysis done to time by an American pro-life organization.

Biden has directed nearly $500 billion in federal funds to the abortion industry through legislation and executive orders. Of that total, up to $386.7 billion could directly fund abortion, according to the Family Research Council, which coordinated the research.

These values ​​put Biden on the path to being the most pro-abortion American president in US history, according to the author of the analysis.

Abortion referral

In early October, Biden reversed a Trump measure banning family planning clinics that receive federal funds from referring women to services that perform abortions. The change will take effect on November 8th.

Title X is a federal program that allocates more than $250 million a year to family planning clinics. Although the rule prohibits federal funds from being used to perform abortions, until the Obama administration, these clinics could refer women seeking abortions to a provider – which was banned in 2019, under Trump’s administration.

Texas Pro-Life Suspension

This week, a federal judge in the United States ruled the suspension of a Texas pro-life law that went into effect on September 1st.

District Judge Robert Pitman’s decision, from Austin, Texas, temporarily vetoes the application of the so-called heartbeat law, which prohibits abortion from being performed in the state once the fetal heartbeat can be detected (usually around the sixth week of pregnancy) and provides that any citizen can file civil action against people who “help or induce” the termination of pregnancy after this period.

According to the American press, Pitman, appointed to the position by former US President Barack Obama in 2014, made the decision within a process in which the government of President Joe Biden questions the matter and after receiving allegations from federal and state attorneys in Texas .

On Friday, the US 5th Circuit Court of Appeals decided to temporarily allow the law to reappear.

When the Texas law went into effect, Biden said the new legislation “blatantly violates the constitutional right” to abortion, established in 1973 by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade.

Appeal to the Supreme Court

Last month, the Biden administration asked the US Supreme Court to uphold a 1973 ruling called Roe v. Wade, who allowed the termination of pregnancy in the country.

The federal government has issued a statement to the Court in the case challenging the constitutionality of a Mississippi state law that prohibits most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Arguments in the case will begin in December in the Supreme Court; the decision, expected for June 2022, could lead to an annulment or modification of the decision that allows abortions to be carried out in the country.

The Biden government statement argues that forcing a patient to continue with a pregnancy is a “profound intrusion on her autonomy, the integrity of her body and her egalitarian position in society.”