Bil wins Trial of Fire a second time; see who’s in the bay · TV News

Arcrebiano de Araujo, known as Bil, passed Dynho Alves and Victor Pecoraro and won the Fire Trial of A Fazenda 2021 for the second time this season. With the achievement made this Sunday (10), the pawn will be able to change the course of the next formation of the roça. In addition to the defeated, Erasmo Viana and Solange Gomes were summoned to the new stay in Baia.

This week, users of the TikTok app have decided that the owner of the red flame’s power will have a weight of two at the time of swidden formation — so their vote will be tallied twice.

The power of the yellow flame remains under wraps and will only be revealed to the public during the formation of the garden, this Tuesday (12). Bil will have access to both powers, choose which one he wants to stay with and also the recipient of the remaining flame.

Because of the defeat in the competition, Alves and Pecoraro will be the residents of Baia this week. The actor summoned Viana to the risk zone, and the dancer opted for the muse of the Bath of Gugu. So, for the next few days, the inmates will share space with the Colorado horse. Furthermore, one of these players will be pulled into the elimination spot.

Check out some excerpts from the test:

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