Bob Burnquist talks about herbal medicines, neuroscience and NFTs in sport

You also have a project that involves NFT, can you explain?

This Sunday, the 10th, my birthday, I’m going to release my own NFT. This acronym stands for Non Fungible Token, which is like a digital certificate within the blockchain protocol. It’s not a new subject for kids who like video games, it’s a new and growing market reality. There are bitcoins, which are useless but are as valuable as gold. And then there’s Etherium, which is a cryptocurrency that each token can have a smart contract attached to. And so you can buy and sell art on this platform.

People ask: but is it just a jpeg? The answer is yes it is. Why do people pay millions for a Picasso painting? They don’t want to know what it’s worth, they just want to make sure it’s original. This could also be a ticket from the Chicago Bulls against I don’t know who. And it will become a trend. And so I’m going to launch and I’m going to show my world in NFT, with collectibles, cards, photos, videos… And so a new form of encrypted fundraising is created.

Since you are living in the future, what is the future of skateboarding in Brazil and Bob?

Future of skateboarding I think will grow. The guys will pay more attention to other modalities — this is already the present, the market only tends to grow. In my case, I’m creating content for NFT, I have, Skate, the Bob Burnquist Institute, which operates in Brazil but I’m going to raise funds from everyone to invest here, Burnkit Skateparks, obstacles and fingerboards , and I want to take skateboarding to schools mixing with art. I’ll keep myself busy, hehe.

To close, will your life make a book or movie?

The name of my biography is not defined yet, but it could be Bobiography. At first it will be an HBO documentary series, but I’m also working on my TV show on the Off channel, Bob’s Life, which is in its fourth season out of 11. There will also be photo books and texts, and still will. have volume two, that won’t stop there. I’m excited and there’s a lot to come. Without forgetting my podcast, Idealabb in the Orelo app.