Caio Ribeiro reveals a conversation with his son after cancer: ‘Dad won’t die’

Recovered from a cancer announced at the beginning of last month, commentator Caio Ribeiro revealed details involving his family when he discovered that he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

In an interview with “Esporte Espetacular” on TV Globo, the former player said he was “punched in the pit of the stomach” when he was diagnosed with the disease, which originates in the lymphatic system.

“What breaks you is when you get the news, when you tell your mother and she runs out of the room to cry hidden, when your wife starts crying in front of you, when you stay worried about your son… Then it’s hard. It’s a punch in the pit of the stomach. You say: ‘Well, me, man? I’ve always been healthy, I’ve always taken care of myself, I had tests…’ But you have reactions: or you sink, or face,” he began.

Caio detailed a private conversation he had with his eldest son, João [de 10 anos], just before making his diagnosis public.

“I never lied to him, I have a very close relationship with João. And I told him: ‘Son, daddy doesn’t lie, daddy will be fine, daddy won’t die, the treatment will work. you believe me: it’s going to be alright, do you believe?’ And he said: ‘I believe it’. Then I said: ‘So if you hear something on TV, on social media or if a little friend tells you something that bothers you, tell me I’ll always tell you the truth. Daddy caught a disease , and as with any illness, there are more and less difficult moments, but there is a cure and Dad will be fine.’ ‘. And he said: ‘But it’s okay, he’s just going to go bald,'” continued the commentator, who is also the father of 6-year-old Valentina.

“An angel”

Still in the interview for the Globo program, the former attacker said that the diagnosis of the disease originated in a completely random moment: in a physiotherapy session for the knee.

“The Cadu [Ramos] is an angel who saved my life. He is a physical therapist who was taking care of my knee. At the end of a preventive treatment, which was fine, but I always stretch it, he decided to stretch my neck. Then he said: ‘Caio, there’s a lump here’.

“If I hadn’t found out through Cadu at the time it was and the way it was, maybe the treatment wouldn’t have been as quick and done with as much success as it was. I have a lot of respect for each person’s form of faith. they have an explanation, they just happen. For some reason, God said: ‘Cadu, touch his neck,'” concluded Caio to the network.