Deputy Professor Israel declares himself homosexual

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Deputy Professor Israel. Photo: Reproduction/Twitter

Israel Batista became a federal deputy for the Federal District’s PV. He had an evangelical background and carries the banner of education. To Correio Braziliense, Professor Israel declares for the first time, publicly, that he is gay. It does this after Governor Eduardo Leite and Senator Fabiano Contarato, who are openly LGBTQIA+.


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Deputy declares himself homosexual

“There is a political moment in Brazil when neutrality can appear to be collusion. We’re not right now. This is a moment of combat, of saying that we do not accept that this country is dominated by barbarism”, he reveals.

For him, sexual orientation shouldn’t be an issue, but it is. Therefore, to speak is to be in an alert position. “We shouldn’t have to talk about it, but live it. But this moment requires speech, positioning, posture. It demands that we have the courage to face this state of affairs that is taking shape in Brazil”, he says.

Professor Israel is convinced that today, “if it were possible to withdraw rights that were conquered in recent years, the Brazilian government would do it”. And that the best strategy to deal with this is education, which has always been its “trench”, and the articulation of different groups that defend human rights.

“I don’t need to be a woman to defend women’s rights. I don’t need to be black to defend an anti-racist agenda. I don’t need to suffer persecution to demand tolerance, respect. And you wouldn’t even have to be gay to defend human rights, the LGBTQIA+ community, in the country that kills most gays in America.”