Dog becomes celebrity for using public transport daily in Istanbul – World

One puppy became a celebrity in Istanbul, Turkey, using local public transport on a daily basis. Boji, the passenger animal travels through some parts of the city in buses, trains, subways and even ferries. According to traffic agents, it’s as if the dog knows exactly where he’s going whenever he gets in and out of a vehicle.

“Two months ago, we noticed a dog trying to use our trains, subways. He knows where he’s going, he knows when to get out, and it was really interesting. So we started following him and we noticed an interesting pattern, as if he knew to go and have a purpose,” Aylin Erol, head of consumer relations at Istanbul Metro, told CNN.

Boji travels about 30 kilometers and visits at least 29 subway stations a day. This was only possible because, in mid-August, public transport officials took him to a veterinarian for tests and a microchip was implanted in the animal’s ear. The device is connected to a mobile app, which allows the department to track the four-legged passenger.


In addition to being seen walking through the stations and decently sitting on a bench, the dog is sometimes caught taking a nap. A Turkish newspaper that spoke to passengers reports that the dog is polite, calmly enters and exits transport and makes room for others.

An Instagram profile was created for Boji, in which he also appears posing alongside passengers. A prominent personality, he has more than 23.6 thousand followers on the social network.

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