Erasmo exposes relations with Erika and disdains: ‘The break with her was just carnal’ | Television

Erasmo Viana and Erika Schneider had a brief romance before entering ‘The Farm’reproduction

Published 10/10/2021 14:29 | Updated 10/10/2021 2:32 PM

Rio – Erasmo Viana continues talking about Erika Schneider, even after she has already been eliminated from “A Fazenda”. Gabriela Puglisi’s ex-husband, who already had a brief romance with Erika, told Victor Pecoraro and Lary Bottino that Faustão’s ex-ballerina is “superficial”.

“The thing with me with her was just carnal. Like, I hooked up with her like two three times, the second time I hooked up with her I already noticed. **, there was a f*** energy. But I had already noticed that it was very superficial”, he criticized.

The model continued to criticize the ex-girlfriend and even said what he used to say to friends about her. “The girl is a cat, f*** sex. But, it’s limited. The content won’t go, you’ll exchange an idea and it won’t, it’s superficial, it’s shallow,” he snapped.

Erasmus said he had hoped to have something more with Erika. “I’m a guy who, f***, for me, old man, thank God, woman, sex, that sort of thing, there always is. I was creating a hope that something else could happen with her. the second time we stayed I already said that, wow, forget it, it won’t work for me”.

He also said that shortly after they hooked up a few times, Erika rekindled an old relationship. “Out of nowhere, she came back with an ex of hers, she didn’t tell me any more p****, she didn’t answer me, she disappeared. Then I said ‘ah, okay, okay’. A brother of mine who trains at the same gym as he told me that he saw her with her ex, that he saw her directly with a guy. I even thought it was good to enjoy ‘my singleness’ and such, I didn’t say anymore”.

But after a while, according to Erasmus, Erika returned to enjoying her photos. “Out of nowhere she started enjoying my photos again, texting you. I said ‘Hm, something happened there’, then I said ‘Wow, it’s gone, I saw you disappeared, I texted you, you didn’t reply.’ she didn’t really answer me, she came back with the guy, she could have said ‘Wow, I’m back with my ex’, I was going to say ‘Angry, be happy’, but anyway, she didn’t answer me anymore and then came back. I was in Salvador and I said ‘Why don’t you come spend a weekend with me?’, then, this weekend I saw she had been called”.

He even claimed that Erika sought her out in pre-confinement. “In confinement, I neither looked nor texted, I didn’t say anything else. In confinement she went and started texting.”