Farm 13: Gui Araujo surprises the public by revealing the main demand he made to the production of “De Vacation with the Ex”: “My biggest concern”; watch!

Even confined to “A Fazenda 13”, pedestrians always end up commenting on other Brazilian reality shows… It was no different in the early hours of this Sunday (10). During a conversation in the external area, Gui Araujo revealed some demands he would have made for the production of “De Vacation with Ex Brasil” – in which he has already been in two seasons.

The conversation continued when Gui commented on the dynamics applied in the program. “If your ex is there, she will wait at the hotel until you do something, 20 days, to get in”, said the influencer. MC Gui, in turn, stated that he would not be able to deal with this situation. “God forbid. I go out of my way on the first day”, said the singer.

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Araujo mentioned that not always the ex who participate in the reality show came from longer relationships. “But sometimes it’s just a girl you kissed, it doesn’t give you anything”, explained Anitta’s ex. “But the fact that guys are like that… Then I can’t, no”, insisted MC Gui, about the situation imposed by the MTV program. “If you just had a few kisses, it’s all right. But if it’s really a girlfriend, who you took in your little hand, then you screwed up”, agreed Tiago Piquilo.

Farm Gui6
Gui Araujo revealed the demands he would have made in “De Vacation”. (Photo: Playback/R7/PlayPlus)

Then, the funkeiro spoke about the rumors about demands from some participants. “I’ve heard that when you’re an artist, it can require some things. May require such ex not to enter”, commented MC Gui. The former MTV confirmed the story and said that he had already done it. “I required several things”said Araujo. “When it’s anonymous, no, but when it’s an artist, you can put who can call or not”, complemented Marina Ferrari.

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That’s when Gui Araujo revealed the request that “any filly” not enter the program as his ex. “I demanded more than like, for example, it wasn’t someone, I don’t know, some filly there who is like your girlfriend. You will say: imagine the whole of Brazil thinking that this person is my girlfriend, and I only stayed with her one day in my life, do you understand? My biggest concern was this”, mentioned. Watch:

The comment surprised the web and impressed viewers. “’A random filly’ to refer to the woman in 2021… Even coming from Gui Araújo amazes me”, wrote a profile on Twitter. “Look how he talks and don’t these people see anything strange about it?”, the spectator Brunna was startled. Check out more reactions below:

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Gui Araujo was part of the main cast of the debut season of “De Vacation with Ex Brasil”, in 2016. At that time, none of his ex-girlfriends left the sea. However, the season took hold in his relationship with Gabi Brandt – which came to an end in 2018, with the revelation of a betrayal. His second participation took place in 2019, in “On Vacation with Ex: Celebs”. This time, the influencer was surprised by former Catherine Bascoy and Vitória Bellato.

Gui Araujo Vitoria
Vitoria Bellato revealed that she never had sex with Gui Araujo. (Photos: Playback/YouTube/R7/PlayPlus)

Vitória even opened the game recently about her relationship with Araujo. In an interview with the podcast “PodDarPrado”, by Gabi Prado, she stated that they had never reached the finals. “I never had sex with Guilherme. Never”, said the blonde. “Everything happened, except this”, continued. She also talked about disagreements that arose at the time of the affair. Watch and learn all the details by clicking here.