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It’s hard to believe, but there was a brief moment when Hercione Cardoso Christianini’s smile faded. Known for her sympathy and for being always in high spirits, she found herself groundless when she discovered the diagnosis for breast cancer in Campo Grande. At the time, she worked in a canteen and thought her life expectancy ended there. Four years after her diagnosis, she sees the situation very differently. “Cancer is not a death sentence”, he reinforces.

The fight against cancer was not an easy one. Hercione underwent surgery, radiation and chemotherapy until she was able to consider herself cured. Even free of cancer, visits to the doctor are frequent and she continues taking care of her health and taking medication. Even so, she guarantees that she has nothing to complain about. In every Pink October campaign, she makes a point of participating and helping to raise awareness about early diagnosis. “I was told I had, but I don’t say I had [o câncer] do not play.

The diagnosis of the disease came when Hercione least expected it. She woke up to an ordinary day, but the date was imprinted on her memory. “I had a canteen. Before leaving for work, I got up and showered. It was still dawn, but when I touched my breast, I felt the lump. I was worried, I thought ‘this doesn’t belong to me’”, she recalls.

After noticing the lump, she went through her routine doctor and was referred to a specialist. That’s when the penny hit. “I got off the ground. I thought: ‘Are you kidding me? I never killed, stole, I’m working honestly, I always did everything right. My drama started there’”.

However, the period of denial was short-lived for the patient. Hercione preferred to keep her usual joy, not only to herself, but also to convey confidence to her family that she could face cancer. She reports that the presence of the family was essential to be able to face the disease.

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Support from the family in the treatment was essential. (Photo: Personal Archive)

His mother, even elderly, did not leave his side at the radio and chemo sessions. The husband and son were also very supportive. Hercione thanks the entire team at the HCAA (Alfredo Abrão Cancer Hospital), where he underwent the treatment. “A lot of people helped me. Today I have been through this for four years now, but I still receive all the affection from the team when I go to get my medication”, he points out.

During treatment, Hercione says that, fortunately, she didn’t have to stay in hospital or stop working. While many patients even vomit during radio and chemotherapy sessions, she says she didn’t have such intense symptoms.

Even though she struggled to stay positive during the treatment, she says it wasn’t easy. The hardest moment was when he had to shave his hair. “The cancer marked me a lot because of my hair. Before starting to fall, I went to the salon and asked to shave. It was about to fall, but I didn’t want to see it”, he says.

With the radio and chemotherapy sessions, the tests showed that the cancer was no longer present in Hercione’s body. After all the struggle, she reinforces the importance of getting the diagnosis done as soon as possible, just as she did. Furthermore, it emphasizes that cancer is not a sentence. On the contrary, it can even represent a rebirth.

“Cancer is not a death sentence. It’s struggle, faith and hope. The support of family, doctor, friends and the hospital was very important. There’s nothing else to say, that’s what I feel”, he concludes.

free exams

The Cancer Hospital is offering free mammograms during Pink October. To have access to the exams, interested women can come to the Hospital in the morning, from 7 am, or in the afternoon, from 1 pm, to get the password. With the password in hand, the exam will be taken on the same day. At the site, there is the Carreta Sesc Mulher, in the solidarity mission of multiplying prevention with the drop in preventive exams due to the pandemic.

Free exams run until October 29th, with the exception of weekends and holidays. Interested parties must show up with RG, CPF and SUS Card. There will be 40 mammograms per day for women aged 40 to 65 in Campo Grande. The hospital said that 20 tickets will be distributed in the morning and 20 in the afternoon.

Women aged 25 to 64 can have a Pap smear free of charge. There will be 80 exams per day, with 40 tickets distributed in the morning and 40 tickets distributed in the afternoon. To take the test, women cannot have their menstrual period and need to have 48 hours without sexual intercourse. The exam is recommended only for those who have already started their sex life. The Cancer Hospital is located at 1053 Marechal Rondon street, in Campo Grande.