Galvão called Neymar an idiot? Bomb leaked audio on the web

An audio leaked during the tie between Brazil and Colombia, in which Galvão Bueno allegedly calls Neymar an idiot, went viral on social networks and sparked discussion this Sunday night.

At the end of the game valid for the Qualifiers, reporter Eric Faria – who was at the stadium – informed that Neymar, unlike the other players, left the field as soon as the referee whistled for the last time. Meanwhile, it is possible to hear someone – supposedly Galvão Bueno – speaking “idiot”.

It’s not possible to nail that the comment is a criticism of the shirt 10 for leaving the field without greeting the Colombians, but netizens were intrigued by the possible “bullshit” between Neymar and Galvão.

Others pointed to the episode as the “end of the relationship” between Galvão and Neymar.

Even the manager and influencer Felipe Neto was surprised by the leaked audio at the end of the game for the World Cup qualifiers.

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