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After being summoned to the new Bay of A Fazenda 2021, Solange Gomes exchanged barbs with Gui Araujo. This Sunday (10), the muse of the Gugu Bathtub interpreted some of the presenter’s comments as a form of mockery, which made her angry: “Go to shit before I forget”.

In a conversation with Dynho Alves and MC Gui, the former MTV critic criticized the opponent’s behavior: “You can’t play anymore. The peon listened to the comment and immediately countered the ex-farmer. “It’s on my back all day. I’ll send you the tickets from my house, so you can stop being on my toes! Too worried about me,” said the girl.

“It’s after me all the time! If I’m going to make a coffee, it’s after me. If I’m going to do it I don’t know what, it’s after me,” the confined woman continued. “I’m in love,” joked Araujo.

“I don’t want your passion, no, love! I want distance! A man who makes fun of a woman, I don’t like it. I don’t want passion like yours. Go to shit before I forget, go to shit,” said Luiza Ambiel’s rival.

The answer drew laughter from the pedestrians and Lary Bottino, who ignored Solange’s lines after the comment.

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