Increase in cooking gas and gasoline take effect this Saturday | Economy

Readjustments in cooking gas and gasoline start to take effect this SaturdayPetrobras Agency / Geraldo Falcão

Published 10/09/2021 11:16 AM

As of this Saturday, 9th, the readjustment in the prices of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), cooking gas, and gasoline enters into force at distributors. Petrobras maintained stable prices for cooking gas for 95 days, “in which the company avoided the immediate transfer to internal prices of external volatility caused by cyclical events, the company will adjust the price of LPG for distributors”, informed the company, in a note.

For gasoline, the stability period was 58 days. In the note, the company clarifies that “these adjustments are important to ensure that the market continues to be supplied on an economic basis and without the risk of shortages by the different actors responsible for serving the various Brazilian regions: distributors, importers and other producers, in addition to Petrobras” . And they reflect part of the rise in international oil price levels, impacted by the limited supply in view of the growth in world demand, and by the exchange rate, given the strengthening of the dollar globally.

Thus, as of this Saturday, the average price and sale of cooking gas goes from R$ 3.60 to R$ 3.86 per kg, equivalent to R$ 50.15 per 13 kg cylinder, reflecting an average readjustment of BRL 0.26 per kg.

For gasoline, the average selling price for distributors goes from R$ 2.78 to R$ 2.98 per liter, with an average adjustment of R$ 0.20 per liter.

For a better understanding of society, Petrobras publishes on its website ( information regarding the formation and composition of fuel prices to the consumer.