Internet users detonate Thais Fersoza for attitude in photo

Thais Fersoza
Thais Fersoza was criticized for simply posting wearing a mask (Image: Playback / Instagram)

Thais Fersoza was heavily criticized on social media. Enjoying a vacation with her husband Michel Telo, the actress posed in several photos wearing a mask on her face, which was enough for some netizens to attack her.

She’s neurotic about this pandemic, even in the restaurant I think she puts the silverware under the mask in her mouth (laughs)“, said a netizen. “Tatá, relax woman. The pandemic has you neurotic. You can take the mask off a little at least for the photos“, argued another. “Just the two of you, alone, no need for a photo mask“, justified a third person.

Thais was also criticized for another reason recently. The famous became the target of comments that she would be “too thin”. On her Instagram, the presenter asked followers to stop distilling derogatory messages against people.

“Stop finding things where you don’t have them! No, I didn’t operate on the thyroid, but stop it, if the person is fat it’s because they’re fat, if they’re thin it’s because they’re thin“, shot.

But what an unpleasant thing, people are what they are, people have to be happy, healthy, well. It’s not my case that I’m sick, thank God I’m healthy. It’s just to stop this speculation“, continued.

In another part of the outburst, the artist once again emphasized that, contrary to what was advertised in the media, she had not undergone surgery in recent days. “So, it’s ok, I didn’t have thyroid surgery, I’m finally seeing the results of my dedication in search of a healthier bodyl”, he stated.

I think I was pregnant for so long and post-pregnant that people didn’t remember what I was like, my goal is not even to get thin, but healthier”, completed.

For those on the outside, the controversy began after she published a photo in which she appears with some apparent bones in the torso region.

In the comment field of the post, many fans were concerned about her thinness. “What’s happening to you? It’s OK?”, reacted a web user.

“Girl, you’re too thin, this could be dangerous for your health”, warned another. “She’s always been beautiful… but she’s getting weird because she’s so thin”, fired one more.

Some people, however, took the step of defending it. “I’m reading the comments and it’s sad, the internet really makes people sick. Nothing is good. Tata is happy, stop judging people’s bodies”, said an admirer.

Guinho Santos

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