know how much each piece costs

Forgets! Dr. Deolane keeps causing it and this Saturday night (8/10) was no different. The look cost a total of R$ 60 thousand and was used on a paradise beach in Cancun to enjoy the first day of the new international festival of his friend, Wesley Safadão, the WS Weekend Cancun. Among the pieces used, the most influential lawyer on Instagram chose a dress by designer Israel Valentim, a Louis Vuitton bag and a YVES Saint Laurent shoe.

Tiny, round and luxurious, the bag chosen by the Doctor is nothing less than Louis Vuitton. The Mini Boite Chapeau costs R$13,300! The chosen shoe was the famous and darling YVES Saint Laurent, for R$ 5,890.

The main piece was hand-picked by the beloved stylist of the famous, Israel Valentim. Sexy, modern, shiny, modest and simple, the face of luxury and perfect for Deolane.

Cancún’s luxurious beach resort, the Grand Oasis Cancún, is hosting the doctor, Wesley and fans of the Brazilian countryside for an unforgettable festival from October 8th to 12th. Called WS Weekend Cancún, it has a closed schedule with live performances of Safadão with Bell Marques, Matheus & Kauan, Marcelo Falcão and forrozeiro Eric Land, theme parties, free food and beverage menu and exclusive transfer throughout the city.

Check out the full schedule:

October 9th (Saturday)
1pm (Pool Party) – Eme DJ and MC Matheuzinho
4 pm (Palco Praia) – Eme DJ, Matheus and Kauan, The Otherz and Marcelo Falcão
October 10th (Sunday)
1pm (Pool Party) – The Otherz + Eme DJ
4 pm (Palco Praia) – Wesley Safadão, MC Matheuzinho and KVSH
October 11th (Monday)
1:00 pm (Pool Party) – Eme DJ and Rafa Mesquita
4 pm (Palco Praia) – Bell Marques, Eric Land, Rafa Mesquita and Eme DJ