Lorena Improta and Léo Santana pose with their 15-day-old daughter in their mansion

Dancer Lorena Improta and singer Léo Santana appeared together with their newborn daughter Liz

The dancer Lorena Improta and the singer Leo Santana are enjoying the first days of life with their daughter Liz. The newborn is only fifteen days old and the dads showed two beyond cute moments with the newborn.

Lorena Improta he celebrated the fifteen days of little Liz’s life by appearing dancing with the baby in her arms at the family mansion. When showing the beautiful record, the dancer said: “15 days of my princess”.

And in front of the record, Léo Santana declared himself to his wife and daughter saying: “More day, loving all of this”. Many famous people also praised the dancer and her baby. “Maravilhosas”, commented digital influencer Débora Silva. And the dancer Scheila Carvalho said: “Lindezas”.

The famous mother also explained her dances so soon after her daughter was born through a normal birth. “Come on…come on! Guys, I did a 15-second dance, it wasn’t a dance, it was really a dance. I’m going back to dancing, training even after 45 days. Even though I had a normal birth I have to have a 45 day rest period to train and I will follow that in relation to dancing too. So I’ll go back to recording my dances there for another month. But I can do my 15-second dances, there’s no problem, it makes me feel good and that’s what matters. My body is already prepared for this, I dance my whole life”, she said.

Léo Santana was also enchanted by appearing dancing along with his daughter with Lorena Improta in the family mansion. When showing the cute record with his baby, the singer said: “Domingouuuu with daddy!”. And Lorena declared herself to the singer and his baby saying: “I love you so much!”.

Lorena Improta and Léo Santana together with their daughter Liz

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