Ratinho becomes a resort partner with an investment of R$ 150 million

Despite his fame as a TV presenter, little mouse he is also a businessman and administrator of an empire that has the means of communication (radios and broadcasters) and is now a partner in a millionaire business: a water park in the city of Bandeirantes, in the interior of Paraná.

According to information disclosed by the website Notícias da TV, the resort is aimed at religious tourism as it is located next to the Sanctuary of São Miguel Arcanjo. The works are in progress, costing R$ 150 million, and the opening should take place in 2024.

Called “Morro dos Anjos”, the resort’s poster boy is actor Marcio Garcia, from TV Globo. Inside, the accommodation will be divided between 60 m² chalets for up to 6 people or a 90 m² village house for up to 10 people.

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The chalet has a bedroom, while the village house has two bedrooms, one of which is a suite. Both have a balcony, kitchen with complete trousseau, minibar, television, air conditioning, microwave and high-speed internet with Wi-Fi.

All this to have sufficient availability for tourists who, before the Covid-19 pandemic, reached the mark of 500,000 people a year visiting the church.

In addition to the resort, the surrounding Catholic space is also under construction. The inauguration of a square with shops, restaurants and restrooms, and, in 2023, of an arena with a seating capacity of 33 thousand people are planned. There will be 20 thousand square meters of covered area.


Also according to the website, the works to expand the sanctuary are also an interest of the government of the State of Paraná, led by Carlos Massa Mouse Junior, son of the presenter.

It is worth remembering that the city of Bandeirantes has only 30,000 inhabitants, but the population of the municipality doubled on the day of São Miguel Arcanjo, on September 29th.

According to information from the State Secretariat for Infrastructure and Logistics, the government is investing R$ 2.5 million to improve the access of the faithful to the region.

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In September 2020, the governor even participated in the “launch of the foundation stone of the enterprise”. At the time, Mouse had not yet been announced as a partner at the resort – his entry only took place in the first half of this year.

This partnership was made with the SM Participações Group, of the brothers Rodrigo and Patrick Ferro, who also control the “Tayayá Aqua Resort”, in Ribeirão Claro, in the interior of São Paulo.


As a good water park, the place has lots of wet fun from hot thermal waters. The leisure and entertainment areas include water slides, indoor water park, surf pool and a lake.

There are also biribol pools, adults and children; lazy river and children’s aquaplay, whirlpool, saunas and massage rooms, plus a gym. The space also offers soccer fields, tennis courts and beach volleyball/beach tennis and beach soccer.

But it did not stop there! The development has a special cinema room, chapel, convention center, pizzeria, hamburger, microbrewery and international food restaurant, in addition to a wet bar and pool bar on a boulevard with water features.

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