Resident awakens after meteorite fall on pillow – News

A resident of the city of Golden, Canada, was awakened with a crash on the roof and debris on her face. When she turned on the bedroom light, the reason for the mess rested on her pillow: a meteorite.

At first Ruth Hamilton, as the woman identifies herself, had no idea what the invading stone was or what to do with it. Therefore, he called the local emergency service. “I couldn’t figure out what had happened,” Ruth said in an interview with Victoria News.

The police officers who attended the incident checked with officials from a nearby highway if any detonations on the road had taken place during that period. Because the answer was no and they were aware of reports of fireballs over a lake in the area, agents concluded that the rock on Ruth’s bed came from space.

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“I thought someone had jumped or it was a gun or something,” recalls the resident; “It’s almost a relief when we realize it could only have fallen from the sky.”

Despite the positive thinking, the experience gave Ruth a new perspective: “The only thing I can think to say is that life is precious and can disappear at any time, even when you think you’re safe and secure in your bed.”

The incident did not cause any harm to the resident, who intends to preserve the meteorite after her grandchildren became fascinated with it. However, astronomical studies are not yet part of her plans: “That’s enough for a lifetime, I think.”

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