#taxonomy_title Globo provides soap opera that made Adriana Esteves fall into a deep depression

Adriana Esteves, an actress, is currently a consecrated actress, but it was not always like that. This Monday (11), the streaming of Globoplay shows the entire telenovela reborn, 1993, that Adriana she was the protagonist, very detonated by the acting, which ended up causing a strong depression.

When she gave an interview to the popular Marie Claire women’s magazine in 2016, Adriana he revealed that he had difficulties even to eat with the disease.


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“I couldn’t eat”

“I had separated, I started doing one soap opera after another, with big characters, I gained exposure and had little maturity. I was lost, I didn’t hold the wave. And then came the depression. I went through the phase of not being able to eat, not getting out of bed, finding it painful to take a shower, gaining a lot of weight with the antidepressant”, he vented.

The actress felt as if she had been resurrected after she managed to get rid of the disease. “The pain of depression was so great that it felt like I was going to die and I had the chance not to die. The feeling that was left is of having been resurrected. I didn’t talk about it for a long time, today I don’t mind. At the time, when I knew that a person had gone through depression, I just wanted to talk about it, I wanted to know how she had recovered. Today, if it’s to help, I count as many times as necessary”, he assured. “They were the most difficult years of my life. I’m always scared when an invitation comes. But then I surround myself with knowledge: I’m going to study, read, research. Little by little, I gain courage and play for good”, commented. This year, the actress won a special tribute from her three children.

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