Toyota Corolla Cross also increases in price in October

Toyota Corolla Cross also increases in price in October

Toyota raised prices on the Corolla Cross as well, as it did on the Corolla and the Argentine models Hilux and SW4. The average crossover of the Japanese brand, made in Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo, had an increase of up to R$ 4,800 in October.

In the entry-level XR version, the price went from R$ 146,590 to R$ 150,290, an increase of R$ 3,700. At XRE, the amount went from R$157,090 to R$160,990, an increase of R$3,900. These two versions feature an M20A Dynamic Force engine with dual fuel injection and 13:1 compression, delivering 169 horsepower in gasoline and 177 horsepower in ethanol, both weighing 21.4 kgfm.

The transmission is Direct Shift CVT with 10 gears, the first by gear and the others by belts/pulleys. With Atkinson cycle 2ZR 1.8 Dual VVT-i hybrid powertrain with 98 horsepower on gasoline and 101 horsepower on ethanol, weighing 14.2 kgfm. The twin electric motor has 72 horsepower and 16.6 kgfm, combining up to 123 horsepower. The transmission is transaxle CVT.

In this configuration, the Corolla Cross is presented in the XRV version with a price of R$185,790 against R$181,190, an increase of R$4,600. At the top of the line XRX, the price jumped from R$ 188,590 to R$ 193,390, an increase of R$ 4,800. The same difference is seen in the Special Edition series priced at R$197,490 against R$192,690.

With this, Corolla Cross settles with brother Corolla in the second half of the R$100,000 to R$200,000 range. In the price escalation, Toyota has now made monthly increases in the tables, as well as other manufacturers in the face of the crisis in the market and in the industry.

Toyota Corolla Cross 2022 – Prices

  • Toyota Corolla Cross XR 2.0 CVT Flex – R$ 150,290 (previously R$ 146,590)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross XRE 2.0 CVT Flex – R$ 160,990 (previously R$ 157,090)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross XRV 1.8 Hybrid Flex – R$ 185,790 (previously R$ 181,190)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross XRX 1.8 Hybrid Flex – R$193,390 (previously R$188,590)
  • Toyota Corolla Cross Special Edition 1.8 Hybrid Flex – R$197,490 (previously it was R$192,690)