‘We are not Italy or France’

Midfielder made a strong statement after Belgium lost 2-1 to Italy in the decision of third place in the Nations League

Italy and Belgium they faced each other this Sunday (10) for the decision of the third place of the UEFA Nations League. And who did better were the Italians, who won 2-1.

Kevin De Bruyne’s matches for the Manchester City at Premier League you follow live with broadcast by ESPN by Star+.

The defeat was enough for Kevin De Bruyne, one of the main names in the national team and of the Belgian generation, to make a strong outburst. the midfielder of Manchester City placed the team on a shelf below the main ones in Europe.

“We did well, in two games against teams made up of great players. Right now, Belgium has a lot of young people, who are just starting, and need to grow individually and collectively,” he began by stating.

“With all due respect, we are just Belgium, with a new generation. We are not France or Italy, who have 22 top players. We have to be realistic,” he added.

The shirt 7 started the decision for the bronze on the bench. In the second stage, he entered and participated in the Belgian goal in the match, giving assistance to De Ketelaer.

At the age of 30, the midfielder has already competed twice in the world Cup and the european cup with Belgium. In all, there are 86 games and 22 goals scored by the national team.