What is known about the crime that killed four people on Paraguay’s border with Brazil | Mato Grosso do Sul

In the early hours of Saturday (10), four people were executed outside a nightclub in Pedro Juan Caballero, a city in Paraguay that borders Ponta Porã, in Mato Grosso do Sul. Haylee Carolina Acevedo Yunis, 21, daughter of Ronald Acevedo, a Paraguayan governor. In addition to the young woman, two Brazilian women and another man who accompanied Haylee were also murdered.

See below what is known about crimes, victims and suspects:

  1. When and where did the crimes take place?
  2. Who are the victims?
  3. Who fired the shots?
  4. How many people were arrested?

When and where did the crimes take place?

Video shows the execution of four people in Pedro Juan Caballero

Video shows the execution of four people in Pedro Juan Caballero

On leaving a nightclub in Pedro Juan Caballero, four people were shot dead in the early hours of Saturday (10). The victims were inside a vehicle with a Paraguay license plate and the shooters were in a pickup truck. The suspects got out of the truck, approached, shot and fled. All those shot died on the spot. Security cameras recorded the moment of the slaughter (watch above).

The crimes took place in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, in the department of Amambay, Paraguay, which is on the border with Brazil. Only one street divides the two countries. On the Brazilian side is the municipality of Ponta Porã, in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Daughter of governor, left, and medical student are among those executed in Paraguay — Photo: Social networks

  • Haylee Carolina Acevedo Yunis, 21 years old. Daughter of the governor of Amambay, Ronald Acevedo, who was hit by six shots.
  • Omar Vicente Álvarez Grance, 32 years old. Known as “Bebeto”, hit by 31 shots.
  • Kaline Reinoso de Oliveira, 22 years old. Medical student, born in Dourados (MS), was killed with 14 shots.
  • Rhannye Jamilly Borges de Oliveira, aged 18, from Cáceres (MT), killed with 10 shots.

According to initial information, Omar and Haylee were lovers. Kaline and Rhannye, who were with the couple, were Haylee’s colleagues at a medical school in the border region.

In an interview with g1, the family of Rhannye Jamilly Borges de Oliveira, said that the young woman was fulfilling her dream of studying medicine in the neighboring country.

“We didn’t want her to go because we knew it was dangerous. We talked a lot with her before she left, about this issue of danger, but that was all or nothing for her. Going to medical school was her reason for living, it was everything she wanted. She was very happy to be making this dream come true, she was living the dream of her life there,” said Silvana Moura, stepmother of the victim.

A day earlier, Farid Charbell Badaoui Afif, 37, a Brazilian parliamentarian, was also shot dead in Ponta Porã. The Brazilian and Paraguayan police are investigating whether the five murders in less than 24 hours are related to each other.

It is not yet known who the criminals responsible for the crimes are. The motives for the crimes are still being investigated.

Both the Civil Police and the Federal Police point out that the main cause of violence is land dispute by criminal factions. The region is part of the route of trafficking in drugs, arms and other transnational crimes, as explained by the head of the Federal Police in Ponta Porã, Diego Santana Gordilho Leite.

“The Pedro Juan region is a region of intense movement and dispute for control of drug and arms trafficking routes. This is why there is an intense movement on the part of criminal organizations to control this route and seek to dominate this shipment of drugs and weapons in general”, he said.

How many people were arrested?

On Sunday afternoon (10), a chase involving Paraguayan and Brazilian police resulted in the arrest of a suspect and the seizure of a vehicle that may have been used in Saturday’s executions.

Inside the car were at least three people. Paraguayan police said they had to take “intimidating shots” and managed to arrest one of the suspects, whose identification was not disclosed. The rest managed to escape.

Police chased the car to a house that had its gates open. At the site, the bandits descended and remained hidden for a few minutes, then jumped over a wall.